About Ragab El-Rashidy

1406060298_10418533_10202228154761535_6754028105506805472_nA healthcare and pharmaceutical researcher, inventor, and executive, Ragab El-Rashidy began preparing for his career as a student at the University of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, where he received a bachelor of science in pharmacy and graduated with honors. Following this, he remained at the University of Alexandria to earn a master of industrial pharmacy with honors. Ragab El-Rashidy completed his formal training at the University of Illinois-Chicago, from which he received a tuition waver award granted by the University of Illinois Medical Center. While there, he taught a lab at the College of Pharmacy and earned a PhD in clinical pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics.

As an active member of his profession, Ragab El Rashidy maintains affiliations with several professional organizations and associations, including the International Society of Impotence Research and the American Urological Association. Furthermore, he reviews grant applications for the National Institute of Health. At present, he works as chairman of the board and chief executive officer for Genix Therapeutics, Inc., headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois.


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